Growl notifications for AngularJS

Think Growl, but in AngularJS directives. Oh, and Bootstrap compatible too.

  • Very small download size (<2KB)
  • Open source
  • Free (MIT license)

Plug and play

No JavaScript programming required

Create Mac OS X like pop-up notifications from anywhere in your markup using a simple directive.

Get started immediately

    Hello world

Essential compatibility

Supports expressions

to create personalized notifications

Embed AngularJS expressions in your notifications to create personalized messages. Growl notifications for AngularJS will make sure the correct scope is applied so you don't have to worry about it.

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    Hello {{name}}

Supports HTML

to embed custom markup

Use HTML in your notifications to tailor the content of your messages to your needs.

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    Hello <strong>{{name}}</strong>

Pixel perfect control

Supports animations

for modern interfaces

Automatically integrates with the AngularJS animation service to bring your notifications to life.

View a live example{

Supports CSS

to customize look and feel

Style the notifications using standard CSS to integrate them visually with your existing web application.

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    background: white;


for performance

Very small download size (<2KB)

Open source

for your convenience

Read the code and help it make better

Visit Github repo


MIT license

Use it in all your projects for free